Monday ~ Triumph of the Holy Cross 09.14.09

Fairly productive day:

morning basket ~ Tale of the Three Trees (everyone loves this one) Catechism questions "Who God Made"

Violet ~ marine biology – wrote up summary of wave measurement from friday night, shell identification; created a little partitioned holding box from an unused tackle box
~ math – writing equations from word sentences and solving
~ copywork – Anne of Green Gables
~ lingua mater – finishing lesson on interrogatives; who/whom
~played bingo dice game with Sean-Paul based on brown bear, brown bear what do you see? (very cute)
~lots of reading (Rilla)

Matthias ~ math – fraction review A+ notes algebra worked several problems
~marine biology – a couple of ocean games on computer, wave measurement summary/lab report
~harpsicord lesson + 45 minutes piano after dinner
~ reading (The Singing Tree)
~ tennis w/ Seamus, Sean-Paul and I (fun, fun fun!)

Seamus ~ math – finished fraction worksheet with metal fraction insets
~ read aloud to me several pages of The Cat and the Hat Comes back; made words with moveable alphabet; this, that, there, then and copied into a small blank book
~marine biology – ocean games and marine animal word search
~ watercolor painting (St. Paschal)
~ cello 20 minutes practice before lunch
~ sketched a black kitty and colored in with colored pencils and created a gallery of his artwork above his table in the learning room πŸ™‚
~ tennis with us

Sean-Paul ~ many various coloring and collage projects today using lots of gold glitter glue πŸ™‚
~ dice game with sissy (brown bear, brown bear…)
~ outside for basketball
~ a few read louds included Amelia Bedelia, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, many others
~ tennis with boys & I

We headed to the park again after dinner just before it got too dark, our weather has been delightfully warm and pleasant in the evenings! Good start to the week πŸ™‚


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