Weekly Review ~ 05.11.09 to 05.15.09

We began a new daily lesson rotation this past week: Download New Lesson Rotation Spring 09. It's been a nice change in our daily routine that had gotten kind of (yawn) boring!  I'm one to mix it up a bit in the learning room so we had fun going back to our "short lessons" that we love from Charlotte Mason. We are able to get more lesson subjects in and complete more work without a lot of down time.

Some benefits that I especially enjoyed:

  1. We worked more RA time on various different topics including Saints, History, Art Appreciation, Nature Lore (my favorite) and others.
  2. Kids actually did accomplish more of their work in less time with minimal frustration
  3. Learning room attitudes were better (this is always a plus)
  4. We had more art and drawing time and more time for creative free play during read alouds or whilst listening to audio books!

Violet and I changed out many of the Montessori shelves and created some new work and put away quite a bit. I am amazed at all the materials that we are kind of "done" with for my younger boys, they have accomplished so much in the past year. It will be sad to leave that stage behind, sniff, but the future is very exciting for them nonetheless 😉 (I'm thinking SALE pretty soon on some materials)!!!

Here are some of the activities that Sean-Paul chose repeatedly:

  • Lots of coloring with his rock crayons, colored pencils and on occasion markers (supervised only!)
  • Dinosaur cards and animals, his new books for his b-day
  • geography habitats cards with me
  • blocks
  • listening to the Frances audio Cd's and more coloring
  • chick and fish "how to draw" (need to blog these photos, adorable activity first found here)
  • helping me make smoothies, laundry
  • emptying the d/w, table setting

Favorite bedtime stories this week:  Nobunny's Perfect, Read to Your Bunny, How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?, Dinosaurs Roar.

Seamus  is doing great with his reading and his cello lessons and little league are the highlight of his week 🙂

Matthias played Ode to Joy on the organ at Mass over the weekend, just lovely, he has such a special gift, we are so blessed 🙂

Violet continues to keep the library staff busy supplying her hold requests and baking for us regularly. She made herself the most adorable skirt over the weekend, need to post at Threads of Love! 

That's a wrap for last week! Hope your week is off to a great start with your sweeties!


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