Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well, so much for keeping up with posting notes!  I know it's been a while and we've been in and out of sick…..

Here's what today looked like :: Morning was a bit of a flurry and we didn't get to prayers, at all, until lunch, sigh.  Babysat the piano/organ teachers little girl while he played for a funeral at church.  This was excellent for SP as he kept her quite occupied and himself out of everyone else's hair for most of the morning.

Math :: Violet and Matthias are doing all the tests in Saxon 7/6.  Review of material for Violet and just good practice for Matthias, although he will most likely surpass her in the field of mathematics fairly quickly, which is fine.  She has done excellent with her pre-algebra work up to this point and I scored on a Pre-algebra text at amazon for $5 bucks, so we may work through that for next year, or not, still contemplating the Saxon Algebra 1/2 as well.  Maybe can find a cheapie kit online as well.

:: Seamus is doing so much math everyday I can hardly keep up!!  He has totally mastered addition of ANY number including carrying.  Subtraction with borrowing/exchanging is singing along for him too and he's pretty much taught himself all of the times tables up to 9 so far on his own :)  We've eeked in division by virture of all the multiplication and he's in heaven being able to "split" numbers in two, etc! Happiness in math is a good thing!

:: Sean-Paul continues to amaze with his ability to impart things he knows.

Books Read :: Seamus is whipping through the Little Stories for Little Folks and his Seton reader.  Our current RA together (mostly at bedtime) is Edgar Eager's Seven-Day Magic, it's very cute, silly and all the elements that entertain a 7 year old boy 🙂

:: Matthias is enjoying St. Anthony and the Christ Child and various books on Robotics, How to build a robot and some Star Wars novels.

:: Violet's page continues to burgeon with books read, and her current read is Across Five Aprils. She just finished Nory Ryan's Song and is listening to the King of Siam during audio book time.

:: SP's favorite read alouds are the Rosemary Well's Max and Ruby set, these are quite silly and enjoyable. He also loves any book about animals especially whales and dolphins!

Montessori Work :: This continues to be a huge choice for the math work for Seamus. SP is also starting to get with the program and choose some of the work, although he's mainly in the counting phase right now and doing lots of sorting and patterning.

SP's favorite sensorial work is the Trinomial Cube, he loves this and will repeat it time and time again.

Our Dinosaur Discovery work is in constant use mostly by SP and sometimes by Seamus.

There's so much more going on, but my time is all up for this entry of learning notes.  Thanks for stopping in today and I hope that your days are filled with love and lots of learning with your sweeties!


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