Thursday ~ St. Augustine ~ 08.28.08

Breakfast RA – from Saints for Young Readers for Everyday – St. Augustine.  Signing Time Songs CD, "Do You Know the Colors of the Rainbow" lots of singing and dancing!

Morning Prayers and Devotions – prayed a rosary decade chosen by Violet – Wedding at Cana

Violet:  Math – fractions and decimals

Latin – worked through page 3 of her lesson, she’s doing great with her translations with very little help from me.

Grammar – quick grammar study finishing lesson on predicate nominative and polished her Interpretation writing.

Independent Reading – Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright

Matthias:  Piano after breakfast – 45 minutes, worked heavliy on Canon D and Fur Elise

Math – times tables review sheet and worked with the Multilication Bead Board for variety.

Latin – review pg 2

Grammar – writing prompt – Describe Obi Wan from Episode 3

Independent Reading – the next Redwall, Pearls of Lutra

More Piano after dinner about 20 minutes.

SeamusMath – Acorn Counters with # cards (thanks Nina😉  Spindle Box presentation, he did this perfectly the first time!

Language – RA from his Seton reader, he’s doing great with these.  It’s the first three books in one and he finished book one today!  Finished up with the Pink series with the last few Pink Sentences cards before lunch.  More Seton reading in the afternoon.

Art – Color Mixing activity, this is a must have for your 3-6 crowd, so fun and so easy to set up!

Sean-Paul:  Pouring pitcher to pitcher for Practical Life.

Art – Color Mixing Activity for a little over a half hour, SCORE!

Geography – African Animal matching

Lunchtime RA – Finished The Mitchell’s Five for Victory!  What a GREAT book!

RA a chapter of Henry and the Clubhouse at dinner!

Newsie’s for movie night and more popcorn, woohoo!


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