Friday ~ Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist ~ 08.29.08

Breakfast RA – from Saints for Young Readers – St. John the Baptist

Seamus is totally taking off in his Seton reader and immediately brought it to me after breakfast so he could read aloud to me!  He’s loving being a true reader now, it’s so cool!

Breakfast cleanup and other morning chores, I love following the Motivated Moms Daily Chore Planner, it’s only $8.00 for the pdf download and so worth it!

Violet: Grammar – wrote letter to friend

Home Economics – started bread machine with our favorite White Loaf

Math – worked a page in her Suduko book of puzzles

Reading – Gone Away Lake and some Nancy Drew Notebooks, she also RA to me from Old Fashioned Girl while I worked on some knitting 🙂

Matthias:  Piano for 30 minutes before breakfast

Math – times tables sheet, completed

Grammar – re-worked writing prompt from yesterday with correct punctuation and spelling, polished a bit with me.

Reading – RA to me from Seton, then he read Pearls of Lutra at quiet time

Seamus:  Language – copied his full name with proper case on the Blue and White paper, later her chose the Curvlinear Triangle from the Metal Insets tray and filled it in nicely, much improved from last year!

Art – worked on coloring a Eastern Box Turtle picture with Sharpies from our Forest coloring book, Color Mixing again

Outside time he made a bow and arrow from some sticks collected this past weekend on a hike, very cool!

Sean-Paul:  Good day form SP.  Color mixing kept him busy for another half hour this morning, then he asked for the Rice Box.  Outside and back again and mopped a portion of the kitchen tile.  Many read alouds from favorite board books, still need to get his list up, probably after the MOVE!

Signing off for now, next week will be REAL life with lots of action and reading in the car!! 

Love and blessings to all my readers,



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