Tuesday notes ~ August 26

Another great day! 

Breakfast RA – again from Saints for Everyday for Young Readers – St. Elizabeth Bichier.

Morning Prayers and Devotions – prayed a rosary decade chosen by Sean-Paul – The Crucifixion

Listening – as everyone sat down to lunch I turned on this CD and we all listened with intent to Scottish Fantasy, it’s beautiful!  Had good discussion of what we liked and about violinists in general! 

Lunchtime RA – another 2 ch’s from Mitchell’s! Only 2 more to go!

Violet:  Math – converting fractions to percentages, plus drill and mental math

Latin- Day 2 of her Lesson 16

Grammar – Day 3 of her Lesson 15; pre-writing of an Interpretaion of a poem.

Handicrafts – Knitting!

Matthias:  Piano – about 25 minutes before breakfast, started his new charting.

Math – Finished yesterday’s lesson

Latin – continuing with review lesson

Grammar – Beginning a Redwall copybook and chose a selection from Outcast

Seamus:  Math – Golden Bead work, review of decimal system and he worked making his own numbers and showing them to me with the wooden number cards.

Practical Life – He was excited to see Sean-Paul peeling carrots and asked if he could be next, SURE!

Language – reviewed presentation/lesson The Article Game of the "a" and "the" in both upper and lower case.  He made up his own sentences with the appropriate case with the cards and objects 🙂  Then he went through about half of the Pink Sentences cards, he’s really done with the Pink Series, time to go BLUE!!!

Sean-Paul:  Practical Life – First time peeling carrots, he loved this and did about 3 or 4!

Pre-Math – chose Snap Cubes again, then I presented a Button Sort lesson with four each of four different buttons for him to sort into dishes.  He whipped right through this about 3 times!

Naptime RA – There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly, always hysterical!  **(Note to self, need to put up a side bar of SP’s favorite books)

Daddy out of town tonight, Lemon Chicken with Penne Pasta,  Honeydew chunks for dinner!  RA another ch of the Mitchell’s!

Violet and I watching Miss Potter tonight 🙂


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