The New Year ~ We’ve Started, Sort of!

We haven’t quite moved yet and are still in a state of being "half-packed"!  It was definately time to resume our studies and there’s nothing quite like a new year, new books and a new outlook to ease the pain of an up coming move. 

Not that we aren’t ecstatic about our new destination, but you know how it is!

So, "Off We GO!"

Breakfast RA from Saints for Everyday for Young Readers – Saint Louis of France

Morning Prayers and Devotions – prayed a rosary decade chosen by Seamus – The Annunciation

Lunchtime RA – 2 ch’s of The Mitchell’s Five for Victory We’ve been reading this over the summer and we’ve only a few more chapters to go.  We’ll be sad to finish it, but the good news is there’s two more in the series 😉

Violet:  dove right into her Saxon Math 7/6, I actually think she missed it over the summer despite my good intentions of having the older kids continue on in their books, sigh…at least she was excited about it, big hurdle!

Latin – Latina Christiana II, she’s on Lesson 16, so just picked up where she left off.

Grammar – Lingua Mater, again picking up where we stopped in the Spring, Week 15, Day 2 – grammar work on "predicate nominative"

Independent Reading – so many books for her this year, I hope to keep her well-stocked 🙂 She’s enjoying The Middle Moffat currently for fun reading and I gave here Beyond the Desert Gate which is one I forgot from last year. 

Kitchen – Baked a yummy batch of Smooches Cookies in the afternoon! (email me if you want the recipe, easy and good)

Matthias:  Piano – working on at least 30 minnutes before breakfast and then up to another 30-45 combined in the afternoon and evening!  He structured a great Excel practice sheet for himself that I typed up 🙂

Math – Saxon 6/5, he’s also picking up from late Spring, good review of word problems.

Latin – Latina Christiana I – Review Lesson 4, lessons 16-20

Narration – he just finished Outcast of Redwall and gave me a great oral narration, what a fun book!

Reading – he RA a story in one of his Seton Faith and Freedom Readers (we LOVE these)!

Seamus:  Most of his day was free choices and just remembering "how" we do school, so to speak!  He started with some snap-cubes and built some great things, then moved on to creating some Mosiacs with our Mosaic Mysteries (a favorite Discovery Toy).

Lots of outside play with/Sean-Paul as our weather is stellar right now.  I RA 2nd half of a chapter of Henry and the Clubhouse.  He is totally loving all the Beverly Cleary books this summer!

Reading lesson w/ me – 2 stories from Little Stories for Little Folks.


Snap cubes with Seamus.

Outside time.

Cows in the Kitchen board book, and yes we sing this one!

Signing Time Songs Vol. 4-6 CD – dancing and singing time, tons of fun!

It was actually a pretty full and fun day and we are so happy to have a focus aside from packing!!

Thanks for stopping in today, blessings!


2 thoughts on “The New Year ~ We’ve Started, Sort of!

  1. Wow! What a great start! We’re starting the 2nd week of Sept. maybe sooner depending on if we go on a few outings next week. The builders will be off next week which means DH will be off too! This week I’m cleaning and getting ready for my DS 9th bday…PHEW.
    I pray you have a wonderful year and as always I look forward to see what you have planned.
    PS~ Would you email me the cookie recipe?

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