Work for the Week April 14th -18th

**NOTE:  This is a month late, but I had it in the draft folder so here it is!!  May has been glorious and will update again soon.

April 14 – 18:

Lots of excitement about the Pope’s arrival and visit here in the United States this week!!

We finally finished Beorn the Proud on Tuesday at lunch, what a great book and especially for a read-aloud!  This is one I got from Bethlehem Books (among MANY others) and I’m so pleased at all the Living History selections they have to offer, we are slowly collecting almost their entire store 😉

Recorded a "Typical Day" post for Sweetness and Light on Monday.

We’re on Week 4 of the Garden of the Good Shepherd Calendar readings and doing some fun activities based on the readings, mainly coloring pages and narrations and discussions.

We listened to Lingua Angelica most mornings before prayer time.

Began If All the Swords in England for our next History RA.

Violet’s Week:

Geography:  State of Idaho NB page & research

Math:  3 new lessons in Saxon 7/6 with mixed practice, mental math and drills

Latin:  Lesson 12

Reading:  Louisa May Alcott’s, The Mitchell’s Five for Victory, Redwalls Taggerung, Betsy & Tacy’s (all of them)

Matthias’s Week:

Geography:  State of Nebraska NB page & research

Math: Elementary Negative Snake Game, 3 New lessons in Saxon 6/5 with mxed practice work, mental math and drills

Latin: finished Lesson 15, began Lesson 16, recitations & chants

Reading:  Hardy Boys, St. Catherine Laboure, Phoebe the Spy

Seamus’s Week:

Montessori Choice Work:  Multiplication Bead Board, Coloring Pond and Sea Habitat pages and Animals, Reading Work

Lots of Read alouds

Sean-Paul’s Week:

Montessori Work: Pouring Activity, Spooning Beads, Lots of Picture Books

I’ll be playing catch up for May, it’s been a very cheery and busy month so far, mostly with out of doors activities which has been heavenly after our LONG WINTER!!!  Please watch for new work!!


One thought on “Work for the Week April 14th -18th

  1. Sounds great! I look forward to reading more….maybe when we have time again we can give this blog a new look too:)
    God Bless

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