Easter Season Round-Up

I realized just today that I haven’t posted any learning notes for almost a month here at Mama’s Muse.  It’s not that any learning has not taken place, it’s just with it being Easter Season, we are in a bit of a state of flux.  Not to mention the fact that we’ve had many detours and interruptions in our regular routine; ie. illnesses, little overnight trips, birthdays, etc. and the fact that we are celebrating Easter, it seems like we’ve been on a perpetual break, even though we haven’t taken an intentional break really.

All this to say that learning has been happening in chunks here and there and everywhere!!  A recap of what has happened the most:

LOTS of Reading Aloud: 

  • We still working on Beorn the Proud. 
  • Linnets and Valerians has ben shelved for now as the boys lost interest in it and Violet and I are wanting to read Old Fashioned Girl together right now, usually she reads to me while I knit šŸ™‚
  • Seamus and I are thoroughly enjoy his new Father Brown Reader (get it, it’s so good)!!
  • Each day or so we’re dipping into some of the Thomas Burgess Bird Book, these are delightful stories
  • Most of our picture books have been about frogs, pond life, salamanders, swamps, bayous, and such.  Seamus and Sean-Paul can’t get enough of Jim Arnosky’s Babies in the Bayou and Nic Bishop’s Frogs   (this book has amazing photos of frogs)!
  • Violet is plowing pleasantly through ALL the Louisa May Alcott’s and we’re having some excellent discussions about her literary style and all the different books
  • Matthias is interspersing Hardy Boys in between books I find for him at the library; his latest favorite was The Pony Express (a Landmark Book) he loved it!

We are enjoying our daily reading for the Garden of the Good Shepherd Sticker Calendar from LTC Publications (thanks again Dawn). 

Snow is melting slowly but surely here in our neck of the woods so we’re engaging in as much outside playtime and exploration as possible, this is essential for my boys as well as Violet and I.  Weekend family adventures are our favorites šŸ™‚

I am trying very hard to use any extra time I have to write my book, it’s coming slowly but surely as well, kind of like the melt….

Our Easter Season is being filled with much love and laughter and celebration in our Risen Lord and I hope yours is too!!


5 thoughts on “Easter Season Round-Up

  1. Oh wow! I look forward reading your book when it comes out.
    Thank you for sharing what you’ve been doing the last month. I *personally* would love if ou shared “A Typical Day” post.
    Thanks again for sharing and may the Lord Bless you and your family.:)

  2. I can’t wait to read your book! I really enjoy reading all of your wonderful ideas on your blog, so a book that I can highlight and soak up so much goodness…can’t wait!

  3. Thank you so much Marcia, I’m hoping to have it ready by the conference in PA this summer, pray for it’s completion!!

  4. Aren’t these days of reading precious? We read the Fr. Brown Reader as a family, and it inspired my 10 yr. old to write her own mystery story – “The Sister Francis Mysteries” she called it.

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