Tuesday – March 11th

Lenten Sacrifice – Do anything for Violet today.  Crucifixion Sorrowful mystery decade.

RA’s – Miracles of Jesus; The Paralyzed man, Book of Virtues (BOV) couple of poems.

Math – Lesson 2 Saxon 7/6
Botany/Science – Checked on experiments & made notes, Parts of a Leaf 3-Oart Cards & Definitions, made booklet
Latin – recitations; Anima Christi

Math – Lesson 2 Saxon 6/5
Latin – finished L15; recitations & vocab
Geography – finished Hawaii

RA’s – Fin M’Coul, Danny O’Rourke, St. Patrick & the Peddler
Outside – bikes & scooters
RA – Space Voyager Book

RA’s – Giant of Barletta
Outside – bikes & scooters
RA w/sissy

Library Day ending in car trouble, bummer 😦  We got lots of great new books though!


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