Monday – March 10th

Today was a little off as we had a bit of a bummer with Seamus & Violet yesterday resulting in a very smashed right middle finger on Seamus 😦  Needlesstosay, he went to the doctor with Daddy late morning to get fixed up and the rest of us had a fairly productive morning of learning time.

Lenten Sacrifice – Do anything to help Seamus today.  The Visitation – Joyful mystery decade (chosen by S-P).

Math – Began new Saxon 7/6 Text today!! Very exciting to be starting anew 🙂 She did the Facts Test, Mental Math, and the lesson and lesson practice!
Botany – Parts of a Root 3-Part Cards/Definitions; Created Own Cards for Booklet, Set up the "Celery Experiment"
Art Time – worked on several projects in her new "Art Studio" in the Children’s Den (more on this later in the main blog)
Lots of Reading time

Math – Also began his new Saxon Text 6/5!! He said, "Does this mean I’m in 5th grade now mom?" "Uh, No dear :)"
Geography – Hawaii NB page
Reading – Ch. of Pony Express
Piano – 45 minutes in afternoon
Lots of outside time – Bikes and scooters!!

Faces Matching game with Me
RA – Tomie dePaola AutoBiography (he loves this) and Tom
Outside Time – Lots of Bike riding and Scooters!!

Knitting time – I worked on the front of Violet’s new sweater and began the Argyle pattern, it’s going to be SO pretty. (post on Threads)

Poached Eggs, Toast and Bacon for kids dinner/Joe’s Special for Me & Dh

Ballet late tonight – me pick up


One thought on “Monday – March 10th

  1. Hi Meridith,
    Love the flow of your days!! Two questions- first off, what books are you using for your Botany study?? We are doing one when the snow goes (which seems like never right now!). I think I saw at a different visit that you have used Shanleya’s Quest, but I was wondering which other books you may be using. Also, do you make your own three part cards?? Secondly, I see that your days are a nice patchwork of different areas of learning in the morning- do you plan certain studies for certain days or is it more of an organic thing where the choices are there and the children choose between them? Our days tend to have a rhythm but with differnt focuses each day- however, in this late winter time I am looking for a little boost to our daily routine!!
    Thank you for your beautiful blog and this one as well!!

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