Thursday & Friday – Feb. 28th & 29th

Thursday, Feb 28 – Lenten Sacrifice: Memorize a scripture verse, copy it and share at dinner.  The Wedding at Cana, Joyful Mystery decade.

Book Sharing time: Violet – pg. 20 Outcast of Redwall, American Girls Handibook selections, Matthias – several Hardy Boys selections, Seamus – Read aloud from his McGuffy’s Primer, Sean-Paul – Snow Bears, we read it three times 🙂 Me – pg. 20 The Kitchen Madonna, the poem Good and Bad Children by Robert Louis Stevenson from The Book of Virtues by William Bennett!

Math – decimal work
Latin – pg 3
Scripture Verse copywork

Math – fractions
Scripture Verse copywork
Latin – completed pg 2

Friday, Feb 29 – Lenten Sacrifice: Water to drink today! Crown of Thorns, Sorrowful Mystery decade.

Latin – derivatives
Activities w/Sean-Paul
Nature Sketching – Started a new Nature Journal cover page and Red-Winged Blackbird
Botany – The Mint Family, dissections & sketching, recorded notes
Grammar – Expository writing lesson w/Me

Science – weather check & record; Bar Graph of averages for February
Piano 30 min.

Furniture Polishing
drew several Star Wars pictures for his comic book he’s making

Polishing Geometric Solids w/Violet
Watercolor painting w/Violet

Lunchtime RA:  Listened to Children’s Book of America The Lewis & Clark Expedition

Yummy Seared Scallops, Panko Breaded Shrimp and Rice for Dinner!!


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