Monday – Wednesday, March 3rd – 5th

Monday, March 3 – Lenten Sacrifice: Read about a Celtic Saint and share. The Visitation, Joyful Mystery decade.

Math – Creating a schedule and Pie Graph
Sand Activity for Sean-Paul
Grammar – more Expository writing
Botany – Rosemary; dissections, drawing and recording notes

Math – Created a schedule and Pie Graph
Grammar – Poetry – Edgar Allen Poe selections in Favorite Poems Old & New
Reading – Began The Pony Express by Samuel Hopkins Adams (a Landmark Book)
Piano 40 minutes

Knobless Cylinders
Brown Stair
Pink Tower
Read-Alouds w/Me & Sean-Paul
Flower Arranging
Sand Tray Arrangement
Listened to RA; St. Edmund Campion from Devotional Stories for Little Folks
Triangle Geometry Tray with Cards

Knobbed & Knobless Cylinders
Pink Tower
RA w/Me & Seamus; Yellow Ball, Goose, Babies on the Bayou, Ten Little Rubber Ducks
Sand Arrangement w/Violet

Lunchtime RA: Brigid’s Cloak

Teatime RA: The Blackbird’s Nest w/Pecan Pie leftover from last night, yum!

Lemon Chicken Penne for dinner.

Ballet for Violet, I worked at a nearby restaurant on my book!

Tuesday, March 4 – Lenten Sacrifice: Act of Contrition, recite often throughout the day. The Scourging, Sorrowful Mystery decade.

Math – drill
Latin – new lesson w/Me
Grammar – finished lesson 11 on Expository writing – oral w/Me
Watercolor painting
Baked a Carmel Pecan Torte for dessert!!!

Math – drill
Latin – vocab and translations
Grammar – Acrostic Poem for WINTER
Piano 30 min
Reading – Pony Express

Double-Digit Addition w/Golden Beads
Playdoh w/S-P
RA Rabbits and Raindrops, DSFLF w/Me

Lego Board
Painting w/Violet

Lunchtime RA: Linnets & Valerians

Flanksteak for dinner, then family craft night:  Stations of the Cross Grotto Kit from Illuminated Ink, we made four so far :))

Wednesday, March 5 – Lenten Sacrifice: Do someone else’s chore. The Coronation, Glorious Mystery decade.

Math – multiplying decimals
Latin – 3rd pg of lesson, excellent job!
Science – Beginning Carrot top growing experiment, recorded notes
RA Old Fashioned Girl to me
Geography page West Virginia (finished)

Piano 30 min
Science – weather check & recording on new monthly chart (March)
Science – Clouds; 3-Part cards & made up a poem about clouds, too cute! Expiration experiment
Read Aloud from Pony Express to Me
Geography NB page; Oregon
More Piano 20 minutes

RA from Primer to Me & S-P, then new lesson in Primer (8) & Book 6 LSLF
Sandpaper Phonograms
Geography – USA Puzzle Map 🙂

Sound Bin ‘t’ w/Violet
Sat in on Reading w/Seamus & I

LOTS of Picture Book RA’s w/ Seamus & S-P:
The Paper Crane
Beaver Pond and Moose Pond
Song of the Water Boatman
Who Lives Here
St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning

Lunchtime RA: Ch. of Beorn the Proud, then everyone outside for an amazing nature walk and playtime.

Ballet early, then Greek Salad and Pizza for dinner!


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