End of February Recap

The end of February included a very much enjoyed trip from Grandpa, lots of skiing, board games, excellent conversation, eating (and drinking), prayer and lots of sorry to say goodbye hugs!!!

We did manage some learning time in the midst of it all, here are the highlights:

Friday, Feb 22 – Lenten Sacrifice:  Pray to Someone else’s Guardian Angel today. Scourging at the Pillar, Sorrowful mystery decade.

Monday, Feb 25 – Lenten Sacrifice: Choose your own today! The Presentation, Joyful Mystery decade.

Wednesday, Feb 27 – Lenten Sacrifice: Do a job you dislike very much and offer up your suffering for Jesus. The Assumption, Glorious Mystery decade.

Math – muliplying decimals practice set
Latin – pg 2 translatios & drill – Good!
Grammar – Masculine, Feminine, Neuter lesson
Botany – The Primrose

Math – lesson on computer, then w/Me – reducing fractios with the fraction insets
Latin – half page 2 w/Me
Grammar – worked on story – Good!

Read to me Primer lesson 6, printed sentences from lesson and drew a picture for it
Leaf rubbing plates – labeled and worked all the Leaf 3-part cards: pic/pic/word
NA Puzzle Map w/Me: arrows and research!

Ballet for Violet, Chicken & Bacon Ceasar Salad for dinner!


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