Thursday – Jan. 31st

Feast of St. John Bosco final day for novena, prayers, decade of rosary (luminous, Baptism).

Math – Adding decimals, review, mental math and worked some problems for lesson
Latin – quizzes for review
Louisa May Alcott (LMA) copywork from Old Fashioned Girl (OFG)
Dress-up with Sean-Paul so I could work with Matthias

Latin – before breakfast (he was up at 6:30)
Math – lesson on DVD(computer) on averages, lesson practice problems
Science – worked with me on setting up his Weather NB pages, graphing temperatures for Sydney, London, Our city, Antarctica, and the Yukon. Created a color coded legend/calendar and printed maps of each area.

Chose his K workbook and did many mazes, dot-to-dots and counting by 2’s, 10’s
Began making a Weather Puzzle booklet from our puzzle, copied and cut out pieces
Dress-up games with V & SP

Puzzles with me, shapes, farm and weather
Lots of free play
Dress-Up with V & S

Morning virtually FLEW by, huge snowstorm today, everyone outside immediately after lunch to build snow caves/forts and shovel the walkway!!

BAllet for Violet tonight, Italian dinner for St. John Bosco!



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