Wednesday – Jan. 30th


Prayer Book
Math – Transposing a Recipe-Doubled Chicken Stew/Halved Outrageous Brownies, review of liquid/solid measurements
Latin-LC II, finished Review Lesson 1 translating  a paragraph, excellent
Grammar-Writing excercise for Lingua Mater, her story is awesome
History – added a page about Charlemagne for her Great Men and Women


Prayer Book
Snow experiments, set-up his new weather NB
Weather worksheets from including copywork and narration
Outside Play w/ Seamus & Sean-Paul


Bible stories notebook – shared Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors, immediately asked if he could draw Daniel and the Lion’s Den 🙂
Winter worksheets from – made an adorable sequencing winter story booklet with pictures and words from a worksheet
Outside Play w/ Matthias & Sean-Paul


Joined us late for Rosary decade
Made a b-day Card for grand-mum with stampers
paper cutting
general mischief all around
Barney puzzle-fun
Outside playtime w/big boys :))))

Lunchtime:  Curried Chicken Soup leftover and Cheese Quesadillas

RA:  finished Ch.2 of Linnets & Valerians (this one is SOOO good)!!

Afternoon, Matthias finished 2nd page of Latin Review lessons 6-10, then boys PS2 star wars, reading, general play

(Naptime for Sean-Paul) Me, this and knitting on my shawl, almost done.  Violet letter writing and reading, ballet tonight!


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