January Learning Notes

Off we go!!  January 7th our first day back since Advent learning, most of which was recorded at Sweetness and Light.  Our January will look much like our Fall studies, only the booklists have changed somewhat, especially in the literature section; Violet and I are kind of on a Louisa May Alcott kick, so we’re reading all of her eight published works together.  An overview for January looks something like this:

  • Math for everyone daily, Saxon supplemented by Montessori work
  • Latin daily as well for Violet & Matthias, Seamus learning the prayers by osmosis 🙂
  • Grammar in some form daily, Seamus working through his Montessori language work
  • Daily read-alouds from a history book (Son of Charlemagne) and plenty of infusions of picture books taken from many sources, FIAR, Catholic Mosaic, etc.
  • Science and Nature Study in the form of Experiments from the Science With series and Botany in a Day for Violet.  Matthias continues to add to his Space & Astronomy Notebook from last year!
  • Outside play is crucial for all, even me!
  • Independent reading, everyone has their favorites and their on-going lists
  • Baking and cooking; Bread Baking continues to keep us under it’s spell, we’re delving in to  The Bread Bible, Artisan Baking and Organic Baking of all kinds
  • Montessori work continues to be Seamus and Sean-Paul’s main source of learning including their immersion into daily life and love that is our Sweetness and Light!

Happy January!


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