First Week of December

Busy Feasting week as evidenced by our posts here!!  Advent is in full swing and to add to the excitement we have that impending move looming….(trying not to think about it).


Latin-new LC II lesson first week.  This went really well as it was a great review of LC I with some new methods built in.

Math-Saxon and some hands on work with fraction insets.

Grammar-Lingua Mater Week 7 lesson Days 3 & 4 Interjections and Writing a Prayer, she really liked this one and wrote a beautiful prayer called Jesus with Me ๐Ÿ™‚


Latin-Lesson 6 in LC I, doing great with this!

Math-Saxon work, mostly division and Stamp Game for reinforcement.  Bionomial Equation Presentation.

Grammar-Viewing a picture from Learning Pages, and writing a story about it, very cute Penguins Story.  Also worked on his Spelling and Grammar from Dangerous Book for Boys (his own choice and initiative)


Math-lots of worksheets on Addition, Subtraction and Dbl Digit Addition using the Golden Beads, Colored Bead Stairs, Addition & Subtraction Strip Boards, Stamp Game and Snake Game.  He’s really quite self-sufficient and advancing rapidly with all his math work. 

Presented many new works with all of the above!

Sensorial-Bi & Trinomial work all week

Lots of practical life and Handiwork with Advent activities.

Geography work-SA Puzzle Map, matching Rainforest Animals to SA Map, colored Harpy Eagle from Dover Rainforest Book

Many stained glass coloring pages for feast days this week as well as others.


Very busy this week getting into all the Advent items ;( But all in all he is progressing to being able to choose any activity (usually what Seamus is doing) and will do it with me while I help Seamus.  He loves the colored bead stair and thank goodness to Alison’s Montessori for sending me a wooden bead stair for FREE ๐Ÿ™‚  He LOVED rolling out cookies for St. Nicholas and had a great time cutting paper with the fancy scrapbooking patterned scissors during our Bookmark Making time on the Feast of St. Nick!

With Advent moving swiftly forward we have been doing many combined activities and plenty of read alouds especially our daily Jesse Tree readings by Geraldine McCaughrean and Son of Charlemagne (it is awesome and captivating the kids) and listening to The Long Winter with our craft and handiwork time!

It was a great week!


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