Finishing Up November

Lots of good learning going on.  Older kids are nearing completion of their Saxon Math texts and will surely be ready to move to the next level by year’s end as predicted.  I’m excited about this as they have both decided that they really do like Saxon and enjoy their work.  We have been so fortunate to mix in many Montessori concepts for them to work on along with this program that it has made it more beneficial!

Latin Work:  Matthias is doing Test 1 today after completing the first 5 lessons of LCI and Violet is doing her final test for LCI and will start LCII beginning next week!!  Another excellent and successful program, especially for mom 🙂

Grammar is panning out to be quite enjoyable for Violet and Matthias.  Violet is working through Lingua Mater (we love this) and as we’re doing the two-year method for 6th & 7th grade it has been a very doable pace at a lesson spanning two weeks. 

Matthias is working between Spelling and Vocabulary, Stories With A View, and Primary Language Lessons.  They are very complimentary and gives him a good variety of lessons without becoming stale.  His writing and expression skills have greatly improved in the past year so he’s able to accomplish more in each lesson than just doing the minimum. 

On the Montessori front, I can barely keep up with Seamus’s ability to grasp and conquer Math Concepts using all our beautiful materials.  He can do Addition, Subtraction and some Multiplication with ease and satisfaction.  It’s a joy to watch him learn this way and to be able to present new lessons and then know that he will readily chose the work to practice again and again, and then move on! 

For Reading he is plowing through the Little Stories for Little Folks and I am reinforcing his new ability to read with the remainder of the Pink Series.  He will quickly move through the Blue and the Green Series and may even skip much of it, which IS a good thing, although I am glad I have the material if we need extra reinforcement.

He also enjoys working regularly with the Mass Kit and I will be resuming our Catechesis presentations beginning this Sunday with our start of Advent.

Seamus seems to be kind of finished with most of the Sensorial Material, although he will return to them occaisionally.  I need to encourage the Bi and Tri-nomial Cubes for a refresher.  I will say that any activity that includes a "blindfold" to do the work is very intriguing for him and he will always do it!

Sean-Paul has matured by leaps and bounds since the beginning of the school year as evidenced in this post 🙂  He just enjoys being part of the fray, we’re so thankful for him, even on the days when he’s extra mischievious!

Hoe your November was Grand!  Happy Feast of St. Andrew today!


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