Week of Learning – 11/12 to 11/16

This was a whirlwind week, here’s a snapshot:


Recovering from weekend away.  Minimal academics, but lots of fun handiwork and listening to Number the Stars

Piano practice Matthias. Ballet for Violet in the evening.


An all at home day, love these.  Weather has just been spectacular, lots of late morning bike riding, scooters, and roller-blading.  Violet has been collecting little treasures from out of doors.  I think she’s ready to do another shadow box.

Seamus is rolling along daily with LOTS of Math, starting his Little Stories for Little Folks readers.  He’s also really in to coloring from the Fenestre Fidei stained glass coloring book, he’s amazingly accurate and careful with his work 🙂


Math and Latin and Grammar for the olders, cooking along nicely for the m both!  Matthias is totally loving LC I, I’m so pleased!

Seamus more math, subtraction of single digit numbers, no problem, in fact way too easy for him!

Sean-Paul is loving the Face Matching and Matreshkas lining them up largest to smallest and the reverse!

Rest of the week was mostly baking banana bread and cozy afternoon fires with stories 🙂


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