Tuesday – 10/16 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

Back to lessons today after being out of town yesterday.  Prayers and readings for St. Teresa of Avila, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and St. Gerard Majella!!

Presentation: Extension for Red Rods, and also Red and Blue Rods!!

Choice Time:

  • Addition Strip Board – Seamus
  • Red and Blue Rods – Seamus
  • Red Rods – Sean-Paul


  • Math –  new lesson on computer and worked problems
  • Latin –  review for lessons 16-20 1st page
  • Grammar – prepositions, then vocab work with me


  • Math – new lesson on computer and lesson practice
  • Latin – review of lessons 20-25 1st page
  • Grammar – Spelling, oral with me and some copywork

Rest of the day is a bit fuzzy, catching up on laundry and email, blogging.

Good Casserole from Whole Foods for the Whole Family, everyone loved it!!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday – 10/16 St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

  1. Aha! This makes sense! And oh my! What a disciplined mama you are! I barely catch up with two and here you are with four! Props to you!!!

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