Wednesday – 10/10

Now it’s Matthias’s turn to be sick 😦  Back to bed for him.  Usual prayers, and devotions for St. Jospeh. 



  • Snake Game:  we worked several ways to make tens and our snakes, he loves it!!
  • Australia Puzzle Map with arrows, located the oceans and showed him N, S, E, W directional arrows and how they go.  He then worked the puzzle himself without the arrows.


  • Presented Constructive Triangles Box 1 to Violet, then she drew her own Quadrilaterals and labeled
  • Latin CD – chants and review of lesson
  • Grammar – Day 2, pre-writing picture narration w/me
  • History – timeline work with me


  • worked on his colored bead-stair tray with me during Seamus’s Snake Game time
  • coloring activity

The rest of the day was pretty low-key and Violet lovingly worked with Seamus on several fun activities that she has put together for him, more on this later…for today:

  • Played First Four Games – Sausage game 🙂
  • clothes wshing activity
  • Go-Fish game

Violet had Ballet and I drove both ways while daddy fixed dinner and watched the boys on either side of my drive.  We had a nice dinner scallops and salad when we got home 🙂  Thank God for husbands who can cook!!!


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