Thursday – 10/4 – St. Francis of Assisi

Prayers and St. Francis RA – Canticle of the Sun by Fiona French, so beautiful!!


  • Math – probablity lesson
  • Latin – CD review and chants
  • Grammar – finishe Lesson by reciting her poem "A Sea Song" beautifully, she then copied it in perfect cursive and illustrated it!


  • Math- graphing lesson
  • Goegrpahy – finished WA state page
  • Grammar – Stories With A View –  began first lesson in this lovely grammar book:  it starts with a poetry study – "Tree’s" We went through the lesson together then he composed his own poem and drew a delightful picture of a Tree
  • Science – completed his Physics narration on the keyboard, beautiful!


  • Volcano making with plastina clay, he wanted to make one just for S-P πŸ™‚
  • Poetry – began learning the first two stanzas of The Turtle by Vachel Lindsay with Violet
  • RA – with me The Hill of Fire, and after lunch The Titanic

Sean-Paul feeling better today πŸ™‚  play clay with Seamus all morning and then outside playtime.

Afternoon work:  History outlining with Violet!


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