Monday – 10/8 – Columbus Day

Prayers,  decade of the Rosary – Presentation.  RA – Columbus, great discussion and Seamus drew an awesome picture of Columbus’s ship on the ocean 🙂


  • Math – computer lesson, then worked equations
  • Latin – new lesson page 1 with me
  • Grammar – new lesson, Week 4 Picture study
  • History  – read section in Kingfisher "Christianity" and began outlining work
  • Bible History – wrote and illustrated narration of our Genesis lesson


  • Math- computer lesson, equations and drilled facts
  • Latin – new lesson, 1st page of last lesson of Prima Latina!!!
  • Grammar – worked through a couple of Spelling pages, reviewed "ai" and "oi" and Apostrophe "s"
  • RA two chapter of Pedro’s Journal with me and discussed, he likes it quite a bit so far 🙂
  • Geography – finishing CO page

Seamus not feeling well, bummer, it’s his turn at the tummy bug, pooh 😦


  • Wooden Fruit and Veggie Classification with me
  • RA Noah’s Ark board book and he named all the animals

Lunch and nap, rest is a blur of towels and toilets…


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