Catching Up!!

Well, gang, I have to appologize for not keeping up too well with our learning notes.  Here’s a week’s worth of catch up or so!


Having just returned the night before from our littleFall Vacation, my expectations were next to nothing on anything heavy today, we actually ended up with a pretty productive morning and yes, lots of laundry!


  • Parts of a Bird Puzzle to Seamus, he colored and labeled his bird and did the first period lesson with the nomenclature cards

Choice Work:

  • Cutting and labeling some butterfly cards – Seamus
  • Shells work and coloring – Seamus
  • US Puzzle Map, Began WA state Geography page/research – Matthias
  • Do-A-Dots picture, cutting and music time – Sean-Paul

Other learning:

  • Violet did a math lesson with me, review of perimeter and how to measure a circle, also worked on Day 2 of her Grammar, analyzing her poem and recitation of part learned thus far


Late morning start, prayers and decade of rosary, St. Wenceclaus – sang the hymn.

No presentations today.

Choice Work:

  • Europe Mapwork with puzzle and arrows, chose Hungary for a NB page for Children Just Like Me – Violet
  • colored two parts of a bird pages, one for my control mat – Violet
  • Finished WA state NB page – Matthias
  • Traced and labeled S. America from Continents puzzle- Seamus
  • same for Australia – Seamus
  • started Continents booklet: Africa, S. America, Australia –
  • Do-A-Dots, lots of stories with me, outside after lunch then nap – Sean-Paul

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