Monday – 9/17 – St. John Bellarmine

Prayers, Rosary for Baptism of Jesus, St. John Bellarmine reading.

Everyone started with Math right off:

  • Violet:  Division Board facts 2’s & 3’s, New Saxon 6/5 lesson – #’s into the Hundred-Billions, worked through practice set and lesson problems
  • Matthias:  Saxon Investigation lesson on computer – Graphs
  • Seamus:  Multiplication Bead Board facts 1’s & 2’s
  • Sean-Paul practice colored bead stair with me 🙂


  • Parts of a Flower Puzzle, Workmat & Control Card, Three-Part Cards.  Matthias made a booklet, Seamus learned the names and colored and labeled his flower as well as Violet.

Choice Time:  Outside play today!

Other Learning:

  • Grammar – Week 3, Day 1 Lingua Mater, poetry selection – Violet
  • Grammar – Oral Pll lesson w/me and then copywork – Matthias
  • New Latin lessons, page 1 for both Violet & Matthias
  • Middle boys did lots of comics book making and drawing and listened to "Other People, Other Homes"  (we’re sure getting LOTS of mileage out of this one, it’s pretty engaging)

Naptime for Sean-Paul, took him a while to get to sleep, everyone else independent reading time and afternoon chores. Ballet for Emma, dh dropped, I picked up!

Four cheese Ravioli with my homemade Marinara Sauce, yummy and easy 🙂

Bedtime stories:  How do Dinosuars Say Goodnight? and How Do Dinosaurs Get Well?  (do you see a trend here??)


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