Thursday – 9/13

Prayers and devotions, read about St. John Chrysostom, candle and decade of the rosary, intentions.


  • North American Botany Leaf Cabinet to Seamus & Matthias, matched Three-Part Leaf Shapes Cards/Names
  • Sound Bins "b" & "f" with Seamus

Choice Time:

  • Traced and Labeled "Hastate" from Botany Cabinet – Seamus
  • Drawing of Earth & Space Shuttle – Matthias
  • Dinosaur Research – Violet
  • Africa Continent work – Violet
  • Paper snipping with new scissors – Sean-Paul
  • South America Puzzle Map onto Control – Seamus (while listening to "Other People, Other Homes")
  • Looked extensively at Mammoth Dinosaur book – Seamus, much discussion with mommy
  • Dinosaur matching – Sean-Paul
  • Europe Puzzle Map and arrows, then built onto mat without Control – Matthias
  • Finished coloring his Butterflies picture and hung up – Seamus

Other Learning:

  • Read in New Way Things Work and narrated – Inclined Plane work for me to type
  • Violet & Matthias  – Latin lesson page 2

Ballet again for Violet, dh drove tonight 🙂


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