Friday – 9/14 – Exaltation of the Holy Cross

We had a quick, but nice morning of learning before we headed off on an overnighter (just me & the kiddos).  Prayed our Rosary decade for the Crucifixion, then read the very special and beautiful Tale of Three Trees, one of our favorite Catholic Mosaic books!  Afterward we had some discussion about the book and got ourselves out the door!  Next time we’ll do some crosses!

Matthias’ piano teacher was happy to see him after two week’s time and he had a GREAT lesson!  We’re so happy with his progress and seems remarkable to us!  After we had a fun time at the skateboard park, a library visit, then to our hotel for some great pool time!  We had a nice dinner at a great Italian restaurant and the kids were SO good for me!  I was very pleased as it’s hard to travel with littles by yourself 😉

Next day brought more library time, some errands and a fun time at a great Discovery Center!  Park time, and lunch on the way home! 

Upon or arrival at home Daddy said it was TOO quiet for him, I think he’s glad to have us home, even if it was only overnight 🙂


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