Wednesday – 9/12

Prayers, candle and Decade of the Rosary – Coronation of Mary, St. Joseph prayers.

Presentations: Seamus asked for the Parts of a Leaf today!!

  • Parts of a Leaf Puzzle, Workmats & Control Card.  Again, everyone colored and labeled
  • Geometry presentation tray (Elementary layout) to Violet & Matthias
  • Triangle presentation drawer Violet & Matthias
  • Addition Strip Board, 1’s addition booklet- Seamus
  • Colored Bead Stair, make tens – Seamus

Lunchtime – Angelus, and RA:  SOTW Volume 2 first 2 chapters. Violet drew another Night in the Country picture with colored pencil on black paper

Naptime for Sean-Paul.

Other Learning:

  • Seamus listened to Other Peoples, Other Homes
  • Matthias colored his leaf
  • Violet read 3 ch’s of Galen and the Gateway to Medicine
  • Grammar with Me – Violet Lingua Mater
  • Grammar with Me – Matthias PLL Lesson 42

Choice Time:

  • Cylilnder Blocks 1 & 2 – Sean-Paul
  • Trinomial – Violet, more ironing
  • Dover Butterflies coloring pages and cut out Insects stickers – Seamus
  • Matthias read 1 ch of A Lion to Guard Us and then some Salamanastron

Afternoon Pudding Snack prepared & served by Violet.  Emily Dickenson poetry RA!

Ballet for Violet, me grocery stop on way home.  Crock pot ribs, me pick up!

Bedtime stories:  Where Snails Go, and The Storm Book!


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