Tuesday – 9/11

Prayers and devotions, especially for all the victims of Sept. 11th, Mary Candle & Decade of the Rosary – Agony in the Garden.


  • Parts of a Tree/Plant Puzzle, Control Mat and Work Mat (ala LaPaz Learning Style) Three-Part Cards and definitions:  Each colored their own Tree and labled.  Violet also colored in the Tree I made into the workmat πŸ™‚

Choice Time:

  • India notebook page from CJLM
  • Playdoh action – Sean-Paul, then all joined in πŸ™‚
  • Stamp Game, all four operations – Matthias
  • Binomial Equation – Violet

Other Learning:

  • Latin – new lessons Violet & Matthias
  • Reading

Lunchtime RA:  A Life Like Mine, read about Water and then listened to "Other Peoples, Other Homes"  audio book

Outdoors for everyone!! Then naptime for Sean-Paul!

Afternoon Teatime:  Art time, Night in the Country then, listened to Raffi CD, starting to learn French song: "Savez-vous Planter de Chous"

Chicken Curry Soup, Whole Grain Bread and Salad, outside play until bathtime. Matthias 1 1/2 hours of piano practice πŸ™‚

Bedtime Stories:  Quiltmaker’s Gift and What Do Dinosaur’s Do to Get Well?


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