Monday – 9/10

Prayers and devtions, starting rosary at table time, lit our Mary candle and chose the Annunciation.

Presented the First Great Lesson, huge hit, everyone very engaged!!

  • Followed with 1st official Sandpaper & Clay Landforms presentation.
  • Blue and Red Rods addition (making tens) then, with numeral cards – Seamus
  • Violet presented Sticker Sequencing Cards to Seamus

Violet and Matthias created notebook covers for their new daily journals!

Choice Time:

  • Clay Play and Making Volcanoes – Seamus & Sean-Paul
  • Vehicles Sticker Picture/labeled – Seamus
  • Goodnight Gorilla – Seamus & Sean-Paul
  • Opertions Order online math lesson – Violet
  • Trinomial Cube – Matthias, then Violet
  • US Puzzle Map with Arrows – Matthias

Other Learning:

  • Independent Reading – All

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