Wednesday – 9/5 – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Today’s lineup, mostly independent work and choice time:


  • Presented Table Setting to Sean-Paul and worked with him for about 10 minutes
  • Grammar Lesson Week 2, Day 2 from Lingua Mater
  • Read chapter 2 of The Little Duke online, narrated to me
  • Children Just Like Me research; she chose a page on a girl from Ghana-traced puzzle piece from Africa Continents puzzle, found the flag and did a lovely narration notebook page
  • Ballet in the evening


  • finsihed his Dinosaur drawing from day before
  • 1/2 hour silent reading, The Corn Grows Ripe, oral narration
  • recited Pater Noster
  • Chose the South American Continent Box; placed country arrows, re-built puzzle on a mat, read the SA Facts page and discussed with me
  • more Pink Tower and Brown Stair work, Physics & gravity lesson


  • Vehicles drawing & Sticker Page, labled
  • Listened to the Brontosaurus cassette
  • Watched There Goes a Rescue Vehicle with Sean-Paul

Presentation: Butterfly Discovery Materials to Seamus

  • Lifecycle Three-Part Cards and Figures
  • Three-Part Butterfly Cards, we did all three periods (Pictures w/label, Pictures, and Labels)

Also presented to him:  African Animals Three-Part Cards (1st of 3-period)

  • Traced Africa from Continents Puzzle onto a blank paper and labeled it, reviewed which Continent is Africa (3rd of 3-period lesson)
  • Also matched a few African Toob animals

Seamus and Matthias did a Lego computer game together.

Ballet for Violet and dinner!


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