Wednesday & Thursday – 8/29 – 8/30

Wednesday was a lovely day for a Zoo field trip and Matthias’s piano lessons out of town!!  Hit the library for hold pick ups and ice cream and got home in time for dinner with daddy and a nice glass of wine on the porch πŸ™‚

Thursday proved fruitful for learning and followed as thus:


  • Folding Activity (Violet to Sean-Paul, then to Seamus) too cute!!
  • Trinomial Cube – Seamus after I had him show me his mastery at the Binomial Cube, thumbs up on this one πŸ™‚

Choice Time included: 

  • Sewing Basket – Seamus
  • Metal Insets – Violet & Matthias
  • Trinomial – Violet
  • Brown Stair & Pink Tower Extensions – Matthias, then he presented to Seamus

Other Learning:

  • Outside play
  • Table Washing Actvity
  • Pool Physics
  • Pouring
  • Read 1st chapter of The Little Duke online – Violet
  • Read N. American Indians – Matthias
  • Computer time for each and more outdoor play

Lunchtime then RA with Seamus, Billy & Blaze, Shy Little Kitten, The Sailor Dog, then Seamus & Sean-Paul watched There Goes a Rescue Vehicle together!


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