Tuesday – 8/28

Tuesday’s schedule looked something like this:

Prayers and devotions, intentions and read about St. Augustine. 

Presesntations today:

  • Geometric Solids
  • Silence Game
  • Walking Around a Mat
  • Rolling a Mat and Putting it Away
  • Trinomial Cube (Violet & Matthias)
  • Binomial Cube – Seamus
  • Continent Three-Part Cards lessons 1 & 2 of Three Period Lesson, he did GREAT!!!

Tried to re-Present the Cylinder Block 1 to Sean-Paul, but he was more interested in holding and watching the sand in the hour glass from the Silence Game 🙂

Took a nice morning break and had Sour Cream Coffee Cake and RA a chapter of Door in the Wall this one is taking FOREVER to get through, sigh…Outside playtime

Learning Acvities & Choice time was excellent:

  • Hour Glass and Outside for Sean-Paul
  • Pattern Sequencing Beads – Seamus
  • Trinomial Cube – Matthias
  • Negative Snake Game – Violet
  • Binomial Cube – Matthias & Seamus, and he returned to this MANY times throughout the afternoon 🙂
  • Continent Map Work – Seamus finished up his Continents map
  • Metal Insets – Matthias & Violet

Other Learning:

  • Latin lessons page 2 for Violet & Matthias
  • Independent Reading for older two during afternoon quiet time
  • Lunchime RA, more Door in the Wall and boys did kitchen clean-up together, then 1/2 hour computer time together



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