We’re Back in Action!! Learning Anew! Mon-8/27/07

Well, we’re off to a good start, for details on specifics for last week please see the main site at Sweetness and Light for some lovely learning days!

I may play around a little with format of entries as I decide just exactly how to document our learning days this year.  You see with so much Montessori melding into our days I will be creating my very own Montessori Albums for each of the Subject areas and will probably make Photo Albums on my side bar at Sweetness and Light for you to peruse much like Katherine has done at Life in the Onion Dome!  I am also in the process of updating all our curriculum in the sidebars for all our new materials for this year!!

For today’s learning, we had a wonderful afternoon with a brand new Monday With Mary Tea!

Presentations today included:

  • Number Cards and Counters (Seamus)
  • Metal Insets and Colored Pencils (older three)
  • Pink Sound Bins "s" & "i" (Seamus)
  • Fraction Insets (Matthias & Violet)

Learning Activities and Choice Time included:

  • Binomial Cube (Matthias & Violet)
  • Pink Tower & Brown Stair (Seamus & Sean-Paul)
  • Creating their own Fraction Booklets (Matthias & Violet)
  • Opening & Closing  Basket (Sean-Paul)
  • Slicing Strawberries & Bananas for Teatime (Seamus & Violet, Sean-Paul watched)
  • Setting Teatime Table (Matthias)
  • Metal Inset Work – Rectangle (Seamus)

Other Learning:

  • New Latin lessons (Matthias & Violet) included review of last year’s last lessons
  • New Grammar lesson for Matthias in Primary Language Lessons (PLL) Oral Description
  • Science Reading in How Nature Works (Violet) and Narration
  • Independent Reading

It was a good day and my crock Beef Bourguignon turned out quite tasty 🙂


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