Tuesday – 5/15 – St. Isidore the Farmer

Prayers, devotions, offering and intentions.  St. Isidore the Farmer.


  • Math-drill, then mixed practice and lesson on averages.
  • Online reading, 2ch’s Story of  the Greeks, narrated to me after each.


  • Math-drill, then Place Value and Fractions lesson
  • 6tht Commandment reading and NB page

Seamus: (a little out of sorts this morning???)

  • Math-3 wkbk pages
  • Read with me and Sean-Paul, then Book 2 of Little Stories for Little Folks (LSFLF)
  • Mosaic Mysteries work
  • Rain Forest Block Puzzle
  • Butterfly Life Cycle Card coloring and worked with life-cycle butterfly figures (blog this)
  • Snack (He sure did ALOT for not being in a very favorable mood, hmm)


  • Worked with me on his new Bead Sequencing and Stacking Materials

Snack for all, outside play- caught more butterflies and one ladybug.  Violet and Seamus gathered various wildflowers (weeds) and showed them to all of us!

Lunch on deck, delightful, then Matthias did lunch clean-up while Violet read Twig to Seamus and I put S-P down for his nap.  Laundry switch and blog time, bigger kids back outside.

In and out all afternoon, fond an awesome moth, need to ID it, nature blog it!

Breakfast dinner, popcorn and a movie, then rosary and RA (Burgess Bird Book) and prayers and lights out!


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