Monday – 5/14 – Evaluation Day!!

Feast of St. Matthias.  Prayers, devotions and intentions.  Marian Hymns both in Latin and English.  Right now we’re really working on learning Salve Regina.  It’s truly beautiful.

Today was what I call Evaluation day!!  I sat down individually with the older two children and we discussed what we liked about our school year and what we didn’t.  Things we want to keep doing the same and things we want to do differently.  It was a great time for all of us and it was so fun for the kids to look back over their work from our different seasons of learning throughout the year (and all our tumultous times) and see the progress and beautiful work they created. 

We were very happy with using Mater Amabilis as a great curriculum spine and the variety of RA’s and independent reading that we did.  Thumbs up for so many great unit studies and projects that kept them motivated (and me too!)

We also discussed what we wanted to keep up with over the summer (as we really NEVER stop learning) we just slow the mode or change it as travel plans allow!!

The rest of the day entailed lots of outdoor play and butterfly catching and reading and eating and enjoying ourselves!


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