Friday – 5/11

Prayers, devotions and intentions (sacrifices for today).  Morning offering.

This morning I asked everyone to bring a favorite bible and saint story to share at table time.  I began with Mary Magdalene and then the story of Raising Lazarus.  Next up Seamus:  He chose Noah’s Ark narration from his Beginner’s Bible NB and St. Therese from Treasure Box #4.  Violet shared St. David of Wales and The Prodigal Son.  These were from her own narrations as well.  Matthias finished our session with the Miraculous Catch of Fish that he read aloud to us from his Beginner’s Bible and then a retelling of St. Martin of Tours.

Afterwards, Seamus wanted me to read The Legend of St. Christopher by Margaret Hodges (this one is so awesome, the illustrations alone make this one of our favorite picture books)! 

Snacktime, then everyone asked for more Math Games (ht:  Theresa, again!) and then back outdoors until lunch!  It feels like summer here, just spectacular!

When asked, "Which would you prefer to do with mommy right now, your reading practice or a math lesson?"  To which Seamus replied,"Well, can I practice the Mass Kit?"  "Absolutely," was my reply, big smile attached!!

Naptime after lunch and reading time for everyone else.  Blog catch up for me.  Older three asked to do the Mass Presentation #2 again, so we all took turns.  Then as I’m pretty sure temps hit the mid 80’s, we ventured for an afternoon of popcorn and a movie!!!  Yeah!

Sean-Paul only lasts about 20 minutes for any TV (thankfully) so he and I headed outside again, nice breeze blowing and so much great bird activity!

Violet has one more dress rehearsal again tonight for the big Cinderella ballet performance this weekend.  I’m looking forward to her being finished, but I now the show will be great as she is such a beautiful dancer!  We’ll all go to watch on Sat. pm and then I’m going tout seule on Sunday afternoon!! 

Hmm, for the present moment, what’s for dinner after all that popcorn???


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