Thursday – 5/10

Superior day today! 

Started with "Show and Tell", yes that’s correct, we have Show and Tell on occaision here at Sweetness and Light!!  The kids LOVE it and it’s a fun way to start the day!

Next I had everyone choose one or two books to RA for everyone.  We flipped a coin to see who would start and Matthias won the toss!  He choose to tell about Homer Price and then read us the funniest chapter on his uncle Ulysses Donut Machine!  We were in stiches, and he read aloud beautifully!  After him was Seamus’s turn and he read a portion of his Seton (1st grade) Reader to us, very sweet!  Next up Violet, by this time the little boys were getting hungry so Seamus and Sean-Paul had some oatmeal (breafast number 2).  Violet chose her Pippi Longstocking trio she just picked up at our local bookstore for 50% off!  The chapter she read to us was VERY silly and was in the true Astrid Lindgren Pippi style!  Everyone else decided it was snack time, so we moved to the kitchen table and I continued the reading time with my choices:  The first story in Mouse Tales by Arnold Lobel and the first story in A Child’s Book of Stories from Many Lands by Ada and Eleanor Skinner.

We finished up around 11:45 and hadn’t hit math yet, so we went out for a breather and then the big kids came in and had a fun fractions/percents lesson with me using the Gold Material Decimal System (we’re using units, rods, flats and cubes right now).  They got it pretty fast and had fun working with it for a while, then it was time for lunch!

Naptime for Sean-Paul,  then the kids wanted to do math games from this site, THANK YOU Theresa, we love this!!!  After I got my little guy down, I called everyone for our Second Mass Presentation. They loved it and wanted to practice it several times each.  I am SO pleased with these materials from OFH, especially the Mass Kit.  Perhaps tomorrow we will do the first Baptism Presentation as we are in Easter!  I am really glad I purchased the album and CGS materials, they are so good for the dc!!

Back outside as our weather has just been spectacular.  Sissy has big dress rehearsal tonight for ballet,  dinner, then prep and go!  Back home and outside play with the boys til bathtime!


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