Tuesday – 5/8

Morning prayers, then Violet, Matthias and Seamus made Fairies while I made a batch of Boston Cream Cupcakes for Matthias’s Bear Scouts meeting later today.  Then he left with daddy this morning for his piano lesson and Scouts meeting about 2 hours away!!  They will have a fun time together! 

S-P up a little late, breakfast for him, then we read I Spy a couple of times through, so cute!

Violet cont. on w/the fairy making for the rest of the morning.

Seamus went out to ride his bike a bit, then back in to have a math lesson with me; counting by 10’s w/rods and arrow markers, he got it right away.

All of us outside play and snack, it was SO BEAUTIFUL we couldn’t stay in!!

Lunch:  Tuna Pita’s, then Nap for S-P, while Violet and Seamus did lunch clean-up.

I RA The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes to Seamus, then blog time while he watched new storytime DVD "Goodnight Gorilla".  Violet independent reading in her room.

Laundry, then worked on fixing the wierd problem on viewing my Nature blog and Violet’s Fairy post. (check)

S-P up everyone back outside to play!  Then decided to move all firewwood from back deck to under office stairs as a little surprise for daddy upon his and Matthias’s return this evening!  Seamus and Violet were *tickled pink* to help at the thought of surprising them!!

In for a break and afternoon clean-up inside, then Violet to ballet!  Took little boys to park with McD’s for a picnic dinner (I know, yuck) but they loved it and we haven’t done that for a LONG time!!

Home and wait for daddy and Matthias to return, Rosary and goodnight!



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