Monday – 5/7

Began with prayers, devotions and intentions.  Then, we had our lovely Monday with Mary this morning and followed with the rest of our day! 


  • Math-new lesson; mental math, drill and a few mixed practices
  • Latin-Review last 4 lessons, 1st page


  • Math-1st to start today!!!  L:60 reviewed and then worked some problems using decimal strips
  • Latin-Review last 4 lessons, 1st Page
  • Science-completed Stars narr’n NB page


  • Math-2 wkbk pgs. Block play
  • H/W practice/Copywork-words from Good Shepherd presentation:  sheep, Lord, flock, pools, staff


  • Worked with Face Matching w/Me
  • Number Puzzle, not interested
  • Listened and watched me build rod stair with snap cubes and say numbers 1-10

Snacktime:  RA 1 ch. of Thomas Burgess Bird Book

Nature Study-All outside to observe our new baby Robins in nest.  Then sketching and notebook pages for Nature NB’s.  Continued outside play until lunch.

OUCH, Sean-Paul and Seamus has a collision and Sean-Paul ended up with an AWFUL fat lip, bleeding profusley, aagh!!  When does it end???  Poor sweetie, tried lunch, then nap for him.  Violet extra tired and not feeling all that well, went to her room to rest and read for afternoon, no lunch.

Lunch with boys: RA Dance at Grandpa’s (LH pic book)

Naptime:  Big boys cleaned mudroon, folded 2 baskets listening to Narnia, then Where the Wild Things Are DVD, great stories on this one!

Me lunch clean-up and blog time, then more laundry. 

Big boys practiced Mass Presentation and then outside again.

Dinner prep, Sean-Paul up, Violet feeling remarkably better, decided to make baby fairies in her room for a while, then ate some belated lunch and played outside til dinner with boys.  Sean-Paul and I went back out too, great weather today, very warm!!

Worked on Violet’s Fairy House blog post while dinner grilled.

Dinner with kids, dh had meeting.  RA 1ch of Door in the Wall, then back out after dinner clean-up.

Baths, Showers, Rosary with daddy, Violet RA 26 Farimont (finished it) to Seamus and Matthias.



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