Tuesday – May Day!

Dedicated out month to our Marian Devotions, prayers, St. Joseph the Worker.  May Basket Ideas!!


  • Math-Div/Sub/Add drill, then worked with me making sqaure and cube chain markers
  • Latin-2nd page and recitation
  • Religion-Apostles Creed NB page:  "…and the Holy Catholic Church…" narration and picture
  • Poetry-recitation:  4 stanza’s Old Woman of the Road


  • Math-X’s tables, cube and square work with rods
  • Latin-2nd page and recitation
  • Religion-5th Commandment NB page, reading and narration/picture
  • Poetry-new poem, Rober Browning’s Pippa’s Song


  • Math-1 wkbk page
  • Science DVD and snack (already)
  • Religion-I RA Beginner’s Bible:  "Issac’s Blessing", he narrated and made pciture for his bible NB
  • Poetry-I proposed The Turtle by Vachal Lindsey, he said, "well, maybe"

All outside for lunch again!

Quiet/Sean-Paul Nap time:  me clean-up, laundry, and blogging.  Kids: Violet RA:  26 Fairmont Avenue

Outside again until ballet for sissy.  Grocery shopping and picked up some butterfly nets for everyone.  Picked up Violet, home for more outside play and dinner. 

Rosary, baths and Violet RA 26 Fairmont for Seamus and Matthias.


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