Monday – 4/30

Prayers, devotions, intentions Saints Reading!


  • Division/Sub’n drill, Building Squares and Cubes with rods.  Learning the functions/differences in squares and cubes and what they "look" like in a tangible form.  She really enjoyed doing this and discovered that the multiplication relationship between the two were not difficult to understand.
  • Latin-new lesson, overview and copy vocab
  • Reading-Story of the Greeks; 2 ch’s online, narrated after each


  • Math-Drilled Multiplication facts, built various geometric shapes using pattern blocks free form, then worked with geo-board
  • Latin-new lesson, overview and copied vocab
  • Reading-SOTW; 1 ch. "Marathon Runner" made picture and narrated to me


  • Math-Worked with Craft-stick shapes matching dots to make triangle, square and hexagon.  Got this genius idea from Theresa at Lapazfarm!!   He loved it, although it was a little easy for him.  Then Sean-Paul tried them and he actually did pretty good, especially with the triangle!  After the shapes he worked with the geo-board re-creating them and fee-play for a really long time, boy can he create some cool design’s!
  • Snack w/Sean-Paul
  • Reading practice with me and pink cards short vowel "a" and made matching words w/moveable alphabet

Everyone outside until lunch, then all ate outside!!  Turkey sand’s and juice.

Quiet time/nap:  Me and little Montessori R & D, a little catch-up on blogging @ Mama’s Muse, then lego building with Seamus-good Mama Love time today with him 😉  Worked on Violet’s new floral skirt, then all teatime with cream-puffs and cinnamon graham crackers-RA Seabird, 3 ch’s then Began Archimedes and the Door to Science, 1 ch.  All narrated afterwards!

Outdoor time again:  Nature Walk to the pond.  Vioet found a beautiful purple wildflower and pulled them for a Nature Presentation for us all after our walk, it was awesome!

Dinner prep-dh away, easy dinner.

Showers, baths -all, me more sewing, Rosary and new RA:  Door in the Wall!!  Whew!


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