Thursday – 4/26

Prayers and Spiritual Communion – all, intentions.


  • Math-Saxon, new lesson, drilled division/subtraction facts
  • Latin-reviewed w/CD
  • Grammar-free write (Fairy Houses)
  • Nature/Science-Butterfly Garden; copied facts and filled out form to send in for the Painted Lady larvae!!


  • Math-Decimal System Addition to the 1/1000ths
  • Latin-review with CD and recitation of portion of Pater Noster
  • Grammar-PLL; Lesson 38 & 39 Picture Study and Composition


  • Math-Decimal System w/cubes, flats, rods; worked independently, then 2 wkbk pages
  • Planet Earth worksheet and layers of the Earth cards
  • Made Granola and Smoothies with me, then outside play

Lunch:  Cheese Quesadillas, peaches and juice

Naptime for Sean-Paul, Lego play for Matthias and Seamus, then Matthias finished writing and then added to Nature NB


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