The Week Ahead – 4/30 to 5/4

Our loose plan for this week and what we hope to accomplish.  We’ll try to read between 2 to 3 chapters in each of the following books.  In addition to our regular Math, Latin, Piano, Ballet, Art, Music, Poetry, Grammar and Writing, and Liturgical Year activities (Month of Mary).  I’m including our ACTUAL work completed on an updated "Weekly Plans" after each week is completed, see First Post and the updates in RED!

Everyone Listens:
Our Island Story
The Children’s Homer
Seabird (Almost finished with this one, we had a BIG break)
Thomas Burgess Bird Book
Archidemes and the Door to Science
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare – Hamlet

Parables from Nature
Handbook of Nature Study
The Story of the Greeks
William the Conqueror
The Apostles Creed
Saint Elizabeth and the Three Crowns
Insects by Fabre
(independent reading daily)

Ten Commandments
Additional: Great Inventors and Their Inventions (wanted online book to read like Violet, so we chose this great book!!) 

Seton Reader-beginning reading!!
The Beginner’s Bible
Coloring, Drawing
H/W practice daily
Math Manipulatives

I’ll keep our weekly running learning notes underneath this plan to see how much we are able to work through, a nice checklist for moi!  We’re looking forward to our week ahead!


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