Monday – St. George 4/23

OK, so this post really should be titled "the day after the weekend birthday celebration before the next birthday"!!  Yes, our sweet, dear Violet will turn 11 tomorrow, aagh!!!

OK, deep breath, so here’s how today played out, a bit lame I might add, not the stellar kind of day I had hoped for considering we’ve been  in a state of flux for well, forever!!!

Morning prayers (all)  and intentions.   

Violet and Matthias began with Latin and reviewed all memorized prayers to date and then recited.  Seamus did the Signa Crucia!  Then I handed them their new lessons and they both did their first pages, rather slowly…

Next up, Math:  drills for bigger two, new workook for Seamus while Sean-Paul played with poker chips (yes, that’s correct).  Math didn’t move much faster than Latin, what is it with Mondays??

Snacktime:  I put white contruction paper over the whole kitchen table for the kids to do a St. George scene and have some art time whilst I read some St. George stories aloud!! 

Seamus then worked on some words and practised writing them.  He had an epiphany over the weekend and can now READ his Seton reader, boy is he psyched!!  (ME TOO)

Then came the PHONE CALL, yes that would be my dh who is doing two days of classes for his RE and informs me that the house (Yes, the one we just moved back in to) is going to be shown between 3 & 5, but probably closer to 3.  UH, ok.  AAGH!!!  Explitive, Explitive…

Well kids, looks like it’s QUICK TIDY TIME!!!  PRONTO!!  Ahem, mom regains composure and we hit it right after lunch!

House now clean, two year old snoozing, me catching a few emails, and nothing at 3pm.  Four o’clock rolls around and so do they…

Rest of the day is scrapped for outside play and building fairy houses!!!

Crepes for dinner as dh is out, easy clean-up, Rosary and then Happy Feet!!!  Think about post for Violet’s b-day tomorrow, crying…


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