Wednesday – April 18th

OK, so it was a SNOW DAY today!  Yes, you read that correctly.  And we’re not the only ones suffering from a Spring that went as fast as it came, ahem…So we stayed IN and actually got quite a bit of schooling in today, Sean-Paul had an excellently LONG nap, and I drank two cups of tea and read all my posts for the Toddler Carnival Extraordinaire that is coming up on Friday!  It’s going to be great!!

Here’s the daily run-down:  Morning prayers, Saints reading from More Once Upon a Time Saints


  • Math- Mental Math, drill subtraction and division, Read through new lesson and Lesson practice
  • Latin-2nd page of lesson
  • 1 Ch. of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, wrote out narration
  • Grammar, orally with me
  • Science/Nature:  Finished up pages on Black Cricket and put in NB
  • Independent reading:  Mariel of Redwall


  • Math-Drilled Division, Mental Math of new lesson, more mult/divison drill with mommy 9’s
  • Latin-2nd page of lesson, recited first part of Pater Noster
  • Read 1 Ch. of SOTW
  • Narrated for his blog about his Pinewood Derby Race from Monday night, sent email and link to G & G!
  • Independent reading:  Mossflower


  • Started with his new Melissa & Doug "See and Spell"  He loves it!!  This was WELL worth the $20!  I only wish I would have bought it at the beginning of the year for him, but he’ll return to it again and again I’m sure!
  • 2 pages in his Math wkbk
  • Then we read our Seton Reader (1) and he practiced making some of his words with the See and Spell letters on the table: up, go, see, come, oh.  He did great!!


  • Started with a farm puzzle with me, then he played with his new big-green bouncey ball!
  • Tried doing some fruit cutting with sissy, but that didn’t last very long.
  • Back to the ball.
  • Nursed with mommy.
  • More ball playing.
  • Music time and marching.

Snack time brought apples and cheese.

Lunchtime was soup and sands.  Naptime for S.P. Computer time for me, reading for bigger two, and Seamus and I read his Beginner’s Bible, then he gave me a beautiful narration that I copied for his NB and then he worked on his picture for a little while.  Afterwards he decided to do the back side boards of his new See and Spell, yeah! 

Violet made Chocolate Chip cookies while I typed this out and finished my tea.  Dinner prep before Ballet-moi!  DH will drive tonight as it’s quite inclement out, still snowing!!!

We’ll finish Martha tonight with our favorite last chapter:  Hogmanay Day!!! Lissa, what an awesome book you wrote!


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