Tuesday of Holy Week 4/3

OK, the cross just got heavier, Violet is now sick with the stomach thing.  I guess we’re meant to hunker down for Holy Week this year, sigh…Having to postpone a visit from g-ma &g-pa until further notice ;(

Math for Matthias and Seamus, water play at the sink for Sean-Paul most of the morning.

RA Abraham and Sarah to Seamus from his Beginner’s Bible, picture and oral narration for his bible book.

Matthias read some of Robert Fulton online.

All boys outside for playtime in the sandbox. 

Luchtime:  PBJ’s, ruffles chips and applesauce, chocolate milk!   Boys now playing with the playmobil castle while Sean-Paul has his nap.  Computer time a a little tea for me! 

Violet resting quietly, no more tummy upset since middle of night 😦

Oh dear I really need to clear off the main kitchen nook counter…where to put things…

Planning to work on our Spoon Saints Last Supper Scene this afternoon, pending moods are high!!


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