Monday of Holy Week – 4/2

OK, so we’re back in the saddle again, and boy does it feel good!  Began with our morning prayers and resumed our Footprints to the cross sacrifice draw-today is no scooters.  Read today’s Mass reading’s and Gospel and discussed the symbolism of the oil that Mary Magdalene used on Jesus’ feet.  Also reviewed the Palm Sunday Gospel and talked about how Jesus was carried by the donkey into Jerusalem and the correlation to his Blessed Mother’s journey on the donkey not so many years before.

Started out with some Math for all:

Violet and Matthias did a lesson each in their Saxon, Seamus has a new DK Math Made Easy workbook for Kindergartner’s, it’s way too easy right now but he enjoyed doing about six pages.  Then he did a few pages in his Hooked on Kindergarten book we found at Costco over the weekend.  He’s feeling much better today and has been able to keep food down, praise God!!

Matthias and I then worked through his Parvui Dei workbook to finish up for his Cub Scouts medal.  We’re just about done.  Violet worked on Little Flowers and then it was lunch time!!

Our Lady’s Sorrows this afternoon with a little tea and left over Plum Tart, a good day back in the saddle and a blessed beginning to Holy Week!!


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