Friday – March 9th

Morning began with a nice RA with Seamus and Matthias:  One Morning in Maine, we love this one!  Then morning went quick!!  Prayers, St. Frances of Rome, brief discussion, Mass Readings and Collect,  Footprint:  extra chore


  • Math – Saxon, division with mixed numerals, drill and mental math
  • Cleaned out her cubby and filed papers
  • Celtic Prayers Copywork, she’s working on doing the whole book


  • Math – Miquon, fractions and mixed numbers
  • Violet helped him clean out his cubby and file papers
  • Celtci Prayers copywork, 4 prayers


  • H/W letter Z!!! Then practiced words for "At Mass" LSFLF
  • Construction puzzles

RA 1 Ch. of Little House in the Highlands, then 1 ch. of Seabird

Snacktime with Scripture Tree reading as we missed it last night.  Me outside with Sean-Paul for playtime on his slide and reading for me, Seamus came out too!

Matthias piano practice.  1/2 hour or so.

Rest of the day was mostly outside and reading, some laundry and folding, then dinner prep and ballet, I did both transports.  Happy weekend!


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